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What Is A Ghedee Retreat?

Activate Your Higher Self Through Instruction Introspection & Guidance

The Ghedee Meditation Retreat

A Ghedee Silent Meditation Retreat allows you to:

  • Refocus and recalibrate
  • Transform your stress
  • Find firm grounding
  • Achieve balance, bringing emotional, mental and physical harmony
  • Discover, fortify & project your true inner purpose

Meditation helps us on many levels, from simple relaxation to freedom from suffering and full liberation of heart and mind. It allows you to:

  • Transform stress and experience perfect balance
  • Explore the "mind-body" relationship
  • Connect to ALL your feelings, conscious or unconscious
  • Expand your sense of who you are, beyond your fears and judgments to find genuine happiness
  • Discover inner resources that can change your everyday life
  • Awaken your capacity for insight, wisdom and clarity
  • Transform your worldview from one of isolation and confusion to one of connection, clarity and compassion
  • Broaden your perspective and deepen your courage, based on seeing things just as they are

The Perils Of This New Time

As we move forward in this "new time" we experience time moving faster and faster. Our ability to navigate daily life becomes increasingly more difficult. Our instances of overwhelm, apathy, helplessness, anxiety, anger and hopelessness become increasingly more frequent. Our bodies fall limp from fatigue more and more...all the while the stories of our life become increasingly more painful; they become "louder", more dramatic, and the building pressure from the impending implosion becomes unbearable.

One of the reasons for this is that too many of us are functioning in an emotional, mental and physical deficit of rejuvenation and inner direction. The Emotional body, Mental body as well as the Physical body all require disconnection, and time to re-calibrate. When we don't allow for full rejuvenation we exist in an ever increasing rest broken, mis-directed state.

Stress takes a heavy toll on your physical, emotional and mental health. Modern medicine has discovered that a state of chronic stress unleashes a devastating flood of bio-chemicals that severely damages all the major systems of the body. It also creates an internal environment that leads to most all major physical, mental and emotional diseases and states of dis-ease.

Too many of us have become accustomed to the voices and directions of others and outside influences and not our own voice. A Ghedee Retreat is designed to free an individual from most common distractions of modern day life to allow your true inner voice to be heard. This process facilitates the full rejuvenation of your emotional, mental and physical bodies as well as provides true inner direction.

Create A Harmonious Balance

Utilizing a variety of guided meditative and energetic exercises and techniques you will reestablish Universal alignment and bring your emotional, mental and physical into harmonious balance. You will also learn how to maintain this balance in an ever-changing world. These exercises will help bring a genuine state of happiness to your life, and offer guidance to your true path, purpose, and Self.

You will learn specific, proven techniques for achieving balance, inner direction, and inner projection. Discover who you really are, apart from all the influences of others and the outer world. You will discover who you are meant to be at a Ghedee Retreat. This Healing takes place naturally in an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation and peace. Nature is one of the most powerful tools to bring an inner rejuvenation to mind, body and soul. Ghedee Silent Meditation Retreats are led by Ghedee Master Wiah, with over 30 years of experience. Wiah is trained in a variety of healing techniques and Master of over 360 Ghedee energetic disciplines.


Due to the nature of the intense work of a Ghedee Priest with others; once a year for a period of 4-6 weeks each priest would go into self imposed seclusion to a distant location. The objective of this retreat would be minimize all distractions, create a disconnection from regular routine, focus within and meditate to allow full rejuvenation.

A priest would institute a basic diet of fruit, vegetables and water; and would carry nothing more than basic clothing and eating utensils. During the course of the 4-6 weeks the process of rest, meditation, introspection and energetic exercises, would allow one's true voice to be the only voice heard. Thus gaining insight, balance, direction and strength and fortitude. This also results in the full rejuvenation of the Emotional Mental and Physical bodies.

My version of the Ghedee Retreat is a modified version of a Priest's retreat. This modified retreat offers many of the same benefits, but has been tailored to meet the demands of our modern society. While the retreat is still silent and introspective, the entire program is structured using specific guided exercises and Ghedee teachings.

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