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Buddha's Hand

Buddha's Hand

This item has been sold and is not available for purchase. $3,600.00

The hand of Buddha is imbued with and bears the distinct vibrations of 8 mudras (gestures):

  1. Varada Mudra – for prosperity, charity and abundance
  2. Abhaya Mudra – for protection
  3. Bhumisparsa Mudra – for all to witness the command and power of the wearer over all earthly matters
  4. Dharmachakra Mudra – for command of the laws of the universe
  5. Namaskar Mudra – for introspection and prayer, being able to see deep within self, circumstances and people
  6. Jnana Mudra – for wisdom, teaching and learning
  7. Tarjani Mudra – a warning to all forces that oppose that the wearer possesses the power to destroy all obstacles
  8. Dhyana Mudra – for meditation, inner balance and peace

The 8 mudras or energetic vibrations of Buddha’s Hand.

The energy of Buddha’s Hand is very aggressive, forceful and powerful. It abruptly stimulates movement in every portal/chakra with a rapid flow of energy in the four directions from the center of the body. The resulting sensation is a strong sense of being grounded and connected. This rapid flow can also assist in the relief of minor or major chronic physical pain. Buddha’s Hand is created from copper wire wrapped meteorite beads, copper beads, copper, and tektite. Buddha’s Hand is 19" long and is bound by a handmade magnetic copper clasp. In addition to all it possesses, it bears blessings of longevity, inner peace, general well-being for the wearer.