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Jupiter’s Tear

Jupiter’s Tear

This item has been sold and is not available for purchase. $2,900.00

The ancient Roman sky god Jupiter, or Jove, was their supreme god with powers that governed all that moved in and under the sky. The divine element of having a “bird’s eye” view of everything is imbued in this piece. In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of luck, opportunity and expansion. This is the essence of Jupiter’s Tear a continuous vibration of rolling opportunity or luck, along with an instinctive bird’s eye view of how and where elements are connecting to form new opportunities. The energy of Jupiter’s Tear is forceful and large like the planet. It stimulates energetic movement in the center of the body, moving out like the inflating of a balloon. This rapid cycling of energy can produce in the wearer a sense of euphoria, after a while, and can also assist in the relief of minor chronic physical pain. Jupiter’s Tear is created from copper wire, wrapped meteorite beads, copper beads, copper and tektite. Jupiter’s Tear is 18" long and is bound by a handmade magnetic copper clasp. It also bears blessings of longevity, inner peace, general well-being, prosperity and abundance for the wearer.

"One tear drop from Jupiter is a bounty of luck, opportunity, and prosperity for a lifetime."