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Mid-Day Moon

Mid-Day Moon

This item has been sold and is not available for purchase. $799.00

Mid-Day Moon focuses its movement in the stillness of Yin due to the arrangement of its parts. This focus movement is experienced in the 8th and 5th portals/chakras. The overall experience is that of being very alert and aware yet very still and not jittery, but very focused. In some individuals the opposite effect may occur (the sense of being very relaxed and not very alert). This might be due to large blockages near the 4th and 1st portals/chakras. Mid-Day Moon is created from tektite, meteorite, cornelian, and a brass Nepalese wedding necklace charm. It is wire wrapped in silver and is bound by an antiqued gold magnetic clasp. Mid-Day Moon is 16" and bears blessings of prosperity, longevity, inner peace and general well being for the wearer.