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Aminah Sada

Aminah Sada

This item has been sold and is not available for purchase. $7,480.00

Aminah is 19"

Aminah-Sada/ASada is a transformed hybrid of the original Aminah amulet. ASada created from silver beads from Fatima, fossilized dinosaur bones, Jet from Russia, Tibetan coral from the birth of Ashima and an antique Nepalese ritual bead, (turquoise with inlayed silver and coral). ASada is both a healing amulet and a talisman and must be used as such. Amulets are objects, worn to benefit their owners in some way. Some are used for a specific purpose to prevent colds, bring money, etc. Others simply bring general good luck. Usually, an amulet is placed around the neck. The closer it is to the body, the more powerful its energy. ASada as an amulet draws on the intensions of her partner to shield or draw and contain his/her intensions.

ASada is a balance hybrid of transforming Yang and that of Yin, being a hybrid of beads of Ashima’s birth, and mark of Ghedee ritual storage beads from Judu’s birth, which makes her one the most unique creations of Temple, the only hybrid yin & yang Talimulet. ASada is also a talisman making her a second generation living pieces just in the range of Judu but outside the range of Trinity. Talismans are energetic, time-release entities, and once empowered they work only for the benefit, well-being and best interest of their partner. Once brought to life, Ghedee empowered talismans will never need to be recharged.

As a Talismic force ASada, is slightly weaker than Judju but ASada reach is 2.5 times that of Judju. ASada’s exponential compounding force of specificity brings a unique quality to her primordial vibration. ASada is a force of specificity meaning she joins with only the emotional, mental and physical intentions of her partner, which can make this force unpredictable and, in some situations, dangerous. ASada’s forces of specificity (like Ashima) are a continuous vortex, and a maze, her hand is soothing and exacting in action.

Important: IMPORTANT DO NOT CLEAN ASADA WITH ANY POLISH. Simply rinse with warm or hot water if absolutely necessary. NEVER SUBMERGE ASADA IN WATER, ESPECIALLY COLD WATER. You may also use Temple's ritual incense to clean ASada. Once you have become a partner to ASada, this partnership is lasting until you officially transfer her to a new partner through ceremony. ASada must be engaged and used continuously. If not engaged on a continuous basis, the force of ASada may cause catastrophic or undesirable emotional, mental and physical effects for her new partner. In other words NEVER put ASada in a drawer and forget about her...you and those close to you will regret this action. You must engage her on a regular basis...or you both may not like the after effects.