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Fatima: The Talisman

Fatima: The Talisman

This item has been sold and is not available for purchase. $2,880.00

Fatima is 19" long.

Originally created in the early 1930's by a Native American silversmith, this "squash blossom necklace" bears the eye of an antique turquoise. To give birth to Fatima, the squash blossoms have been removed and used in the creation of both Aminah and Balance/Tranquility. For nine months and 9 days the silver was imbued with an unwavering regenerating force of energy, through various Gheede ceremonies and rituals. At the completion of the last ceremony the endowment of energetic force was complete and a living Talisman was born...named Fatima. Pure in intention and exact in force Fatima will project and manifest both her partner's conscious and unconscious intentions. The exact manifestation of this energy will depend on which benefits Fatima's new partner wishes to project and manifest. Whoever claims Fatima will become her new partner, with your unwavering intention and her universal force of projection, you can create most any experience.

Once Fatima has been directed, she will work unrelentingly to assist the rebalancing of the universe for full manifestation.

Fatima's energetic force is never ceasing .This means that while she is using up energy in furthering the cause for which she was dedicated, she is also drawing into herself sufficient new energy to continue that function. Fatima is as beautiful as she is powerful.

Talismans are energetic time-release entities, and once empowered they work only for the benefit, well-being and best interest of their partner. Once brought to life, Gheede empowered talismans will never need to be recharged.

DO NOT CLEAN FATIMA WITH SILVER POLISH. Simply rinse with warm or hot water if needed.
Once you have become a partner to Fatima, this partnership is lasting until you officially transfer her to a new partner through ceremony. Fatima must be engaged and used continuously. If not engaged on a continuous basis, the force of Fatima may cause undesirable emotional, mental and physical effects for her new partner. In other words don't put Fatima in a drawer and forget about her...you must engage her on a regular basis...or you both may not like the after effects.