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Judju (Ju - dhoo)

Judju (Ju - dhoo)

This item has been sold and is not available for purchase. $18,999.00

Judju, which in Saapo literally means "The Sun", is a very powerful force. Originally created in the late 1920's - early 1930's by a Native American silversmith, this "squash blossom necklace" bears the eye of a horseshoe. To give birth to Judju, very dense, forceful meteorite beads have been added between the original squash blossoms. An eye of antique Tibetan Turquoise has been added, as well. This eye is fixed in place by hematite and tektite.

For 3 years and 9 days, Judju was imbued with the unwavering regenerating force of our Sun. At the end of 126 Ghedee ceremonies and rituals, the last of which lasted 99 days, the endowment of energetic force was complete and Judu, a living Talisman, was born. Pure in intention and exacting in force, Judju will project and manifest both his partner's conscious and unconscious intentions. His force to create anything coupled with the will of his partner can manifest both the physical and the spiritual. The exact manifestation of this energy will depend on which benefits Judju's new partner wishes to project and manifest. Whoever claims Judju will become his new partner. With your unwavering intention and his universal force of projection, you can create most any experience.

Judju's energy is so entirely self contained that it can be seen or touched by others prior to finding a partner. This makes it unlike any other ritual piece offered by Temple, to date. It is a truly a master's piece. Judju is the first Temple living piece to bear the mark of Ghedee...ghedee ritual storage beads.

Preceded by Fatima, Judju is the second Ghedee talisman offered to the public. Judju is more than 1000 times as forceful as Fatima and many times more stabilizing. Fatima is to Judju as the planet Venus is to our Sun.

Once Judju has been directed, he will work unrelentingly to assist the rebalancing of the universe for full manifestation. Judju's energetic force is never ceasing .This means that while he is using up energy in furthering the cause for which he was dedicated, he is also drawing into himself triple that amount of energy to continue that function. Thus, Judu grows more powerful and forceful every time he is engaged. Judju is as powerful as he is beautiful, so care must be taken when handling or engaging a talisman of this magnitude.

Talismans are energetic, time-release entities, and once empowered they work only for the benefit, well-being and best interest of their partner. Once brought to life, Ghedee empowered talismans will never need to be recharged...Judju, like our own Sun, is a very powerful force.

IMPORTANT DO NOT CLEAN JUDJU WITH SILVER POLISH. Simply rinse with warm or hot water if absolutely necessary. NEVER SUBMERGE JUDJU IN WATER, ESPECIALLY COLD WATER. You may also use Temple's ritual incense to clean Judju. Once you have become a partner to Judju, this partnership is lasting until you officially transfer him to a new partner through ceremony. Judu must be engaged and used continuously. If not engaged on a continuous basis, the force of Judju may cause catastrophic or undesirable emotional, mental and physical effects for his new partner. In other words NEVER put Judju in a drawer and forget about him...you and those close to you will regret this action. You must engage him on a regular basis...or you both may not like the after effects.