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The Guardian

The Guardian

This item has been sold and is not available for purchase. $2,520.00

The Guardian's necklace is 15" round.

Forged in Silver by G. Castaneda, this one of a kind piece represents the essence of a guardian. The imagery of parts of a house, an all seeing eye, and a turquoise globe all depict the manifestation of the energy of The Guardian.

The Guardian was born after 10 months of ceremonies and energetic rituals; with the essence of the ultimate custodian. The Guardian guards from all intrusion and guards health and well being. It joins the four directions or the four corners of the earth for full grounding. The all seeing eye of the Guardian is always alert and can assist in guarding house and home. Everything relating to the stability, continuation, and harmony of the partner's attachments is guarded with the utmost fervor.

The Guardian can provide an energetic shelter from the storms of the outside world and can guard against bad intentions and direct attack from any opposing force. When your intentions are directed through The Guardian, it immediately begins to focus and amplify that energy towards guarding its new partner.

Important: All intrusions whether welcomed or not, may be intercepted by The Guardian if not prevented by its new partner. Any activities that may intrude upon the stability and well being of house and home must be curtailed or The Guardian may energetically interfere with these activities. As with all Gheede Ritual pieces The Guardian must be utilized and engaged.