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Urian (U-Ryan)

Urian (U-Ryan)

This item has been sold and is not available for purchase. $1,800.00

Made from fossils of jet and ivory many thousands of years old, Urian is the perfect vibration of a time before human beings, the vibration that preceded our presence on this planet. The dark beads are carved from Russian Jet and the ivory from ancient woolly mammoth tusks found in China. Urian is an amulet of specificity. He will assist his new partner with mental focus, because the circuit vibration of Urian is balanced with that of a level functioning mental body. These vibrations that are processed by the brain will be consistent and uninterrupted by other vibrations, thus creating the sense of full mental clarity and focus. Urian's birth took 9 months and 8 weeks.

Amulets are objects, worn to benefit their owners in some way. Some are used for a specific purpose, such as preventing colds, bringing in money, etc. Others simply bring general good luck. Usually, an amulet is placed around the neck. The closer it is to the body, the more powerful its energy. Urian must be worn around the neck. Simply wear Urian around the neck to assist you in your work with specific mental focus. The challenge for Urian's new partner is not to get fixed in the mental body and create a deliberate imbalance among the three bodies...the emotional, mental, and physical.

Urian must be engaged to create clarity or he will create the opposite in his new partner. Urian is an amulet of specificity, so he does not need to be worn at all times. However, if he is not engaged on a very regular basis he will deliberately create an imbalance among bodies.

Important: DO NOT CLEAN URIAN WITH ANY CHEMICAL. Simply rinse with warm or hot water if needed OR CLEAN WITH FIRE OR EARTH. Any activities that may directly affect the normal functioning of your brain or mental body must be curtailed or Urian may energetically prohibit these activities. As with all Ghedee Ritual pieces, Urian must be utilized and engaged.