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Antique Brahma

Antique Brahma

This item has been sold and is not available for purchase. $5,400.00

Brahma, the lord of creation and wisdom, has four faces and at least four hands. This standing Antique Brahma has 10 hands and 5 faces (heads). Between 100 to 150 years old from the Cambodian period, this antique Brahma was the center of a village altar.

The four faces of Brahma represent the four Vedas, and his four hands represent the four directions. The hands hold a book of the Vedas (Book of Wisdom & Learning), a string of pearls for counting time, a scepter, a sacrificial spoon which is symbolic of spiritual nature and a water pot to point out that the universe evolved from water symbolizing his function as the creator. The 5th face represents the 5th direction.

This antique Brahma is unique in that each of his 5 faces (and Heads) is different, with different expressions. Each of this Brahma’s faces representing a different balance of creation...yin yang, good and evil etc. The golden/bronze paint is now forming a unique patina as the verdigris of the bronze seeps through the paint. The energy of this statue is unique in that the very strong vibration of the essence of what Brahma represents is very present, most likely due to the long years of veneration by devotees.

Temple has added 180 mark blessings of expansion, creativity and prosperity which makes this Brahma statue ideal for an altar focused on the manifestation of creativity.

In the Upanishads, Brahma is the all-pervading divine essence: everything flowed from this and everything returned to it. Later legends told that the formless lord of the universe, who existed in himself, created the waters and planted a seed from which a golden egg developed. He was hatched from this egg as Brahma, the absolute creator of the universe. In Hindu cosmology, the time of creation is recorded in the days of the life of Brahma. When Brahma awoke from his sleep and opened his eyes, the universe was created. When he shuts his eyes at the end of the day to go to sleep, the universe comes to an end.

This bronze statue is 9" wide and 18" high.