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Energetically Enhanced Green Sandalwood Bracelet (Small Bead)

Energetically Enhanced Green Sandalwood Bracelet (Small Bead)

Available for $50.00. Please contact us if you are interested in making a purchase.

$50.00 美元,供。 请联系我们如果你有兴趣购买。

The green sandalwood beads in this bracelet release a light sandalwood fragrance that is intensified by the heat from the body. The delightful fragrance is very soothing and helps to calm the senses and helps to reduce stress. The green colour of the beads is activated by light - the more light or energy the bracelet is exposed to, the darker the colour of green and the stronger the scent of sandalwood. These bracelets bear a personal 30-day Ghedee blessing created by Wiah.