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We come to this plane of existence in full remembrance of who and what we are, but we quickly learn to forget, and cling to the false reality of this place. Each month, I offer a reminder of the ever enduring Spirit that is YOU!
- Wiah

Remembers for

All ifs

April 4, 2018 @ 6:02 pm

Life in this place is all “if’s”
“If this, THEN that”
“If that, THEN this”

Choice and Consequences
A string of choices and consequences form a vortex with you standing in the eye. The key to navigating this vortex, is to first allow yourself to acknowledge all the apparent “ifs” associated with each choice. Life is all about “ifs” … all about experiencing your choices and the consequences they produce. Acknowledge your “ifs”…


If a barber makes a mistake, THEN it is a new style
If a driver makes a mistake, THEN it is an accident
If a scientist makes a mistake, THEN it is a new invention
If your boss makes a mistake, THEN it is YOUR MISTAKE


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