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I Wiah

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We come to this plane of existence in full remembrance of who and what we are, but we quickly learn to forget, and cling to the false reality of this place. Each month, I offer a reminder of the ever enduring Spirit that is YOU!
- Wiah

Remembers for

Clinging to Emptiness 11 – 17

November 27, 2017 @ 6:41 pm

When we create and develop little lies or beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, they eventually form a veil of illusion and delusion. After we have been lying to ourselves for a while, our lies become our truth. In this cloudy space, the lies we tell ourselves lend a warped validity to our illusions and delusions.

Anything, no matter how insignificant, that points to an area outside the cloudy space of illusion is avoided at all costs. Because once you step outside of the cloudy space of illusion, the truth of ALL is painfully apparent. So you cling desperately to the illusions and delusions for “dear life” because they are your life.This eventually leads to a “melt down” of sorts…when fantasy meets reality there is either an explosion or implosion. The only way to avoid this is to step outside of the cloud of illusions and let go of them by facing/seeing the truth.

Have you created a veil of illusions and delusions?


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