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We come to this plane of existence in full remembrance of who and what we are, but we quickly learn to forget, and cling to the false reality of this place. Each month, I offer a reminder of the ever enduring Spirit that is YOU!
- Wiah

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To Whom Are You Really Listening?

August 2, 2017 @ 9:18 am

We all need words of encouragement.
We need to hear we are doing well. We all need to feel that someone is on our side, believes in us and will always be there for us. We all need to feel and hear that someone cares about us, and our well-being.

But, what words do you constantly give yourself? Do you give yourself words of encouragement, or words of discouragement?
Are you truly on your own side or do you work against yourself?
Do you believe in yourself? Or, do you want others to believe what you yourself cannot fathom? Do you nurture yourself emotionally, mentally and physically? Or, do you abuse yourself in the same vain?

You truly cannot receive what it is you don’t give yourself!
Therefore, start today, encouraging yourself, nurturing yourself and believing in yourself, because you are truly the source of absolutely everything you need!


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