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Balance - Tranquility

Balance - Tranquility

This item has been sold and is not available for purchase. $954.00

Balance Tranquility is 15" long.

Created from Jet, Moss Agate and two squash blossoms from Fatima, Balance/Tranquility is the perfect "balance". Her vibration is likened to that of a trickling stream, cool and calm. Balance/Tranquility was born after 9 months and 9 days of energetic rituals and bears the sole intention of harmony.

Whatever the energetic vibration or state of her partner Balance/Tranquility creates and projects a harmonizing vibration that levels any peaks or troughs of energy, emotion, or thought in her new partner. When engaged Balance/Tranquility can assist her new partner in creating an inner calm and tranquil state.

Important: If the intentions and energetic focus of her new partner are not focused towards a harmonious state the force of Balance/ Tranquility can have the opposite effect. The intentions and energetic focus of her new partner MUST be focused towards a harmonious state to achieve the desired effect of balance. As with all Gheede Ritual pieces Balance/Tranquility must be utilized and engaged.