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Vision Quest 2018

Ghedee Silent Meditation Retreat

When: September 24, 2018 - October 29, 2018

The 2018 Ghedee Silent Meditation Retreat will have a sunrise to sunset flow. You will be given a full copy of the retreat schedule upon arrival at Pikes Waterfront Lodge, September 24, 2018 -October 8, 2018.


The first 10 days you will be completely silent. Our days will begin shortly before sunrise and end at sunset. Our first 10 days will begin with physical exercise and will be filled with a variety of meditative and energy exercises. The spirit walk and vision quest will take place during the first 10 days.

The last 4 days you will not be silent. The last 4 days will begin with meditative exercises for the first 3 hours beginning at sunrise. We will then reconvene in the late afternoon for the last 2 hours before sunset. During the last 4 days you will be free to explore and begin practicing and implementing the work of the previous 10 days.

Contact Details

Telephone: (510)854-9987

The Ghedee Center
2150 Mariner Square Dr.
Suite 101
Alameda, CA 94501